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Integrated healthcare. Intelligently connected.

Platform24 is a full-suite telemedicine platform for acute and chronic conditions. The comprehensive and innovative solutions are built to improve access, efficiency and medical safety.

The result: Smooth and integrated patient journeys and a more sustainable healthcare. We call it “Healthcare 2.0”.

Shaping the future of Healthcare – today.

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Leading in automated triage - for both acute and chronic care


automatic patient interviews take place each month


of Sweden's healthcare regions use the solution


million covered lives on the platform today

A proven platform – battle tested at scale

Improved access

The patient is quickly and safely guided to the right digital or physical care as well as to automated self-care advice, according to organisational structure and capabilities.

Efficient care chain

Reduced administration and automation of manual steps, proven to free up time and save resources for patients and care providers. Always a smooth journey.

Medical safety

Automatic triage always applies the medical guidelines consistently and never miss or skips a sensitive question.
Medical guidelines are easy to update and apply.

Unlocking the potential of healthcare

Platform24 develops solutions for efficient digi-physical patient pathways. Our tools can be easily adapted to suit your particular organisation and include solutions for automatic medical history presentation and triage, digital healthcare consultations, scheduling for physical visits, and preventive healthcare.


"Establishing digital healthcare meetings is a complement to today's healthcare offering, and one of the solutions to meet future healthcare needs. We look forward to creating a seamless flow online for triage, chat, video, lab and form services for both first-line care, second-line care and our chronic care, and in this way be more accessible to the citizens of the region."

Simon NilssonDevelopment Manager, Region Gävleborg

"In a down-to-earth way and with a high level of competence, Platform24 has delivered customisable functions in their dynamic platform, with a triage solution and direct integration with systems containing patient medical records. The platform’s simplicity and user-friendliness makes it attractive for both the care provider and the patient."

Alex JarankaChief Medical Informatics Officer, Capio Närsjukvård AB

“After slightly more than six months with Platform24, we have had more than 16,000 visits on the platform and have dealt with 1,160 e-visits. This work method has increased our level of accessibility and has made things much easier for our patients, as reflected in the many positive comments we have received. It is also a convenient method for patient feedback in relation to test results and surveys, which we use a lot.”

Ida KedlingHead of operations, Region Gävleborg

"It feels like this solution has arrived at just the right time. When we compare ourselves with other regions, we can see that they have had a much tougher time managing their call queues. With this extra digital gateway, we have been able to maintain a good level. of accessibility, even though we have also been subject to an increased workload.”

Pia NäsvallHead of operations, Region Norrbotten

"I am extremely thankful that we have been able to implement this service so quickly and with such quality assurance in these difficult times. It means that people are able to receive the right information and help, and the possibility to meet us online instead of visiting us in person is of extra importance at the moment.”

Anna GranevärnHead of primary care, Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Who are we?

Platform24 is a health tech company that develops platforms for digitally integrated care. The company is the largest in the Nordic region when it comes to automatic triage for the right level of care, even in complex flows and along the entire patient pathway. Platform24 is owned by Investor AB and Apoteket AB. We work closely with the leading digital care provider Doktor24, which is part of the same corporate group.