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How it works

Our platform consists of 5 main modules: Triage24 for automated triage and medical history presentation, Meeting24 for communication between patient and care provider, You24 for management of the digital care chains, Connect24 for integration with surrounding ecosystems and Manage24 for adaptation to a care provider’s unique needs.

Module 1


Automated triage & referral service

Triage24 is the Nordic region’s most comprehensive and proven system for automated triage and medical history presentation, with 1 million patient guided to the right virtual or physical care yearly. Triage24 replaces or complements the traditional manual phone triage, nurse hotlines or care coordination centers. With an intuitive and user-friendly chatbot, the patient receives customised advice and support. The chatbot is medically secure and can quickly transform the information provided into a medical history, refer the patient to the right level of care, provide self-care advice or help the patient to book an appointment for a physical examination. Triage24 comes with off-the-shelf medical content for medical history taking and triage decisions. It covers virtually all medical concerns that people seek care for and also recurring symptoms and chronic conditions.

Triage24 enables healthcare payors and providers to save costs, increase availability and boost medical safety.

Module 2


Communication between patient & care provider

Consultation24 is used for virtual visits, connecting patients with their doctors and other care providers over secure messaging or video.

The patient can meet healthcare personnel via video or synchronous/asynchronous chat. It allows for multi-party video and chat and enables the care provider to manage many patient consultations in parallel. Images, video and documents can be shared during the consultation. A large number of autophrases make the consultation more efficient. Thanks to the integrated clinical decision support, it is easier than in physical healthcare to ensure compliance with treatment guidelines. The possibility to book an appointment for the patient with other care units is managed through “tickets” wich gives access to certain types of providers, at certain organizational care units. It could come from a triage process or from a menu item. Based on the patient’s access, she ends up in a waiting room, waiting in line or with a scheduled time.

Practitioners report very high satisfaction. They also spend more time interacting with patients, and less time on admin.

Module 3


Remote patient monitoring & Integrated digital care chains

You24 is a tool for remote patient monitoring (RPM), made for patients that should stay tightly in touch with their providers, e.g. chronic patients. Common diagnosis groups include diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. It can also be relevant for temporary follow-up, e.g., post-surgery.

You24 turns a series of physical, synchronous meetings into digital, asynchronous encounters. Patients using You24 will get an individual care plan that starts with the care objective (e.g., stabilize blood pressure) and defines a number of recurring activities, e.g., visits, lab tests, questionnaires, and exercises. A care plan can customized for an individual patient or be set up with a template. Patients will then be invited, at regular intervals, to answer questions about their subjective health status, and upload pictures as needed.

The patients can see their earlier interactions with the healthcare provider and are guided to the next step in the healthcare planning process. Information from the patient’s various healthcare interactions is gathered together in one location and can easily be shared with relevant healthcare personnel. You24 can also be used for primary and secondary prevention, for example by allowing the patient to complete and submit digital health forms.

Benefits for patients and providers: increased effiency, medical safety & availability



Module 4


Working together with a client’s existing systems

Connect24 refers to the data exchange capabilities in the platform, allowing it to import, export and synchronize data with other systems, e.g., EMRs, to manage the booking of physical appointments, record medical history entries or exchange forms. The platform can also be connected to other systems, for example, systems for patient data listing, authentication, payment, validation of insurance policies, etc. For the patient, the seamless booking function means that she, after triage, can schedule a physical or digital appointment directly in the app, with just a few simple keystrokes. The scheduling feature is governed by geographical location, care provider configuration and the range of available times.  The patient’s medical history accompanies the booking throughout, to ensure a qualitative consultation.

Other typical integration points: medical record, 3rd party payment system and analytics to ensure clients can analyze their flows.


Module 5


Enterprise module for handling complex, digiphysical pathways

Manage24 makes it possible to configure Triage24 and You24, allowing payors and providers to tailor pathways for different patient groups. Manage24 also makes it possible to configure Meeting24, both with regards to the patient and the provider experience.

For example, by adjusting the range of care services on offer, changing the texts that are presented to the patient, creating new and customised symptom forms, amending the dynamic triage forms, etc. It is also possible to set specific rules that govern opening hours, flows, resource types, appointment scheduling rules, etc. All rules can be set on the basis of the outcome of the triage assessment with regard to level of care, degree of urgency, type of appointment, resource type and competence requirements. Manage24 makes it possible for our customers to match medically triaged patients on the basis of their current and changing circumstances.

Manage24 allows payors and providers to tailor patient journeys based on different patient groups’ needs, as well as the supply in the healthcare system.

Flexible solutions

Platform24’s functions include automated medical record models for increased efficiency in the healthcare interaction, and support for complex patient flows such as referrals and lab tests. The system is also used for dynamic digital staffing, automatic medical history presentation prior to physical or digital patient consultations, and (for example) follow-up visits via video and chat.

Our solutions are flexible and adaptable based on your specific needs and activities. Complete the contact form below – we would be delighted to tell you more!


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