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Digital corona clinic relieves the strain on and strengthens the healthcare system

Platform24’s digital corona clinic streamlines the care process and increases
accessibility. The automated chat function provides the patient with quick, secure and correct information. Digital contact with healthcare personnel reduces the strain on the healthcare system and streamlines the process.

Corona chat strengthens healthcare

At present, Platform24 is building digital corona gateways for a growing number of
healthcare regions. A chat-based, automatic healthcare guide is made available to the patient
via interactive voice response in the call queue, or via the region’s digital channels.
Early results indicate a clear reduction in the strain on the healthcare system and
increased accessibility.
Platform24’s digital corona healthcare guide:
– Automatic information in accordance with updated guidelines, without waiting times or call queues
– The system prioritises the patients in the queue based on the degree of urgency
– The patient can receive automated self-care advice
– Chat with healthcare personnel
– Updated autophrases – a quick and efficient way for healthcare personnel to provide
the patient with empathetic and correct information

For the healthcare regions that have implemented the solution, a clear reduction in the strain on the
healthcare system has been noticeable after only a few weeks. Of the patients who have
searched for “corona” in the system:​

  • 10 percent were satisfied after receiving the initial information about the new coronavirus
  • 32 percent were guided to the automatic self-care advice, and 42 percent of these chose NOT to proceed to contact with healthcare personnel. In other words, they received the advice they needed without placing an additional strain on healthcare resources.

Please contact us via email at  info@platform24.se if you would like to know more
about how Platform24’s solution for the corona flow can ease your workload and
make the process more efficient!

“At present we are working around-the-clock in order to meet demand and quickly implement a digital gateway that can streamline the processing of individuals’ enquiries about the coronavirus and COVID-19, so that they can be sorted and prioritised on the basis of the degree of medical urgency.”

Jacob Stedman
CEO, Platform 24 Healthcare AB

“I am extremely thankful that we have been able to implement this service so quickly and with such quality assurance in these difficult times. It means that people are able to receive the right information and help, and the possibility to meet us online instead of visiting us in person is of extra importance at the moment.”

Anna Granevärn
Head of Primary Care, Region Jämtland Härjedalen