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Primary Care 2.0

Platform24 is a health tech company, created with the belief that to realize the full potential of digital tools we need to integrate digital and physical care. We break silos and build bridges to create a fully integrated digital care chain for all patients. Platform24 is the sister company of Doktor24, one of Sweden’s leading digital care providers.

Platform24 makes the patient’s health journey easier

  • AI-chatbot that guide the patient to the right level of care.
  • The patient can meet a Health care practioner through chat, voice or video.
  • If needed the patient can book a physical appointment in the app.

  • The chat is automatically transformed into a medical history presented to the physician.


We cover the full health value chain by integrating digital and physical care

About us

Providing integrated care to thousands of patients each month.

100,000+ automated AI patient dialogues.

Platform24 today offers our services to multiple providers, public health care regions as well as private insurance companies.

Currently running operations in Sweden, with Norway starting up soon.


Who do we work with?


We add value to our insurance partners – from offering our service 24/7 to helping patients and customers get the right care at the right time. Through automatized processes and more affordable care we offer a more cost efficient solution.

Healthcare providers

We help healthcare providers to reduce administration while giving their patients a smoother health care experience. Our specialist doctors staff our partners’ digital channels during the day, evening, night and/or weekends.


We help our pharmaceutical partners to strengthen their customer offerings by integrating digital and physical services. We create end-to-end patient pathways from first contact to drug delivery.

Public healthcare systems

We work with public healthcare systems in providing more affordable and accessible care. We integrate our platforms with national healthcare systems and databases to provide seamless patient journeys. All of our data, EMR entries and consultations are hence easily accessible nationally.

E-health companies

Our AI-chatbot, medical history system and staffing service helps many ehealth companies to improve their customer offerings by creating one integrated patient entry point.

Get in touch

Send an email to partner@platform24.se and we will get back to you.

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