Platform24 tecknar avtal med Skandia – säkerställer att kunderna får högsta medicinska kvalitet oavsett kontaktväg

Genom samarbetet med Platform24 kan Skandia erbjuda sina kunder ännu bättre service och utökad tillgänglighet….


Digital Hälsa: Regioner ”påtagligt” avlastade av digital coronamottagning

Industry magazine “Digital Hälsa” writes about the early results of our digital corona clinic: ”Platform24 has analyzed data from the first few weeks of using the solution to triage patients experiencing corona symptoms in Norrbotten, Gävleborg and Jämtland Härjedalen.


Nya siffror: Coronamottagningen ger tydlig avlastning

Region after region is now rapidly launching a “central digital entrance”, where the possibility of a “digital corona clinic” is particularly relevant. There is a very intense work period at Platform24 and in just a few days, a region can have an automated guide to digital care, including the” digital corona clinic”, in place.


ÖP: ”Coronautbrott snabbade på digitala hälsocentraler”

The spread of the coronavirus has accelerated the opportunities for county residents to receive digital help from health centers.

2020-03-23 ”Region Gävleborg öppnar digital coronamottagning”

It is still calm inside the county’s hospital, but the pressure is high on the healthcare telephones. To relieve 1177 (the care counseling call center), the Region of Gävleborg now opening a digital corona clinic.More than 450 companies from all over the Nordic region have applied for the competition and the finalists are active in various industries such as environmental technology, e-health, fintech, edtech, mobility and more.
Fantastic fun and an important recognition for our solutions and the great value we create together with our customers!